The Benefits of Our Outpatient-Based Lab

Advanced Vascular & Vein Associates is the first outpatient-based laboratory in Central Mississippi.

Advanced Vascular & Vein Associates is the first outpatient-based laboratory in Central Mississippi. Patient-centered with a focus on specific procedures and conditions, the outpatient-based laboratory model delivers lower costs, higher rates of safety, more convenience and accessibility, less time in inpatient recovery, reduced stress, and easier scheduling.

More on these benefits below:

  1. Lower Costs – Our laboratory focuses on specialty care, but maintains the advanced equipment, devices and technology you may experience in a hospital setting. Because of our unique structure, we can optimize the services we provide without passing those costs to patients.
  2. Higher Safety Rates – When undergoing a surgery or procedure, we all want to be assured the healthcare environment is clean and safe. This can be a challenge in some facilities due to their size and mix of patients with a variety of conditions, diseases and infections. The size and specialty focus of an outpatient-based laboratory allow us to minimize exposure to contagion. In fact, outpatient-based laboratories have approximately half the surgical site infection rate as hospitals. Overall, the risk of developing a surgical site infection is dramatically reduced in an outpatient-based laboratory.
  3. Convenience and Accessibility - At outpatient-based laboratories, physicians and surgeons have more control over their work and the quality and value of care. The structure allows for better pre-and post-operative care and since it’s smaller and more specialized than a hospital, families usually appreciate their ease of use and comforting amenities.
  4. Less Time in Facility Recovery - Research by economists Elizabeth Munrich and Stephan Parente established that the time spent by a patient in an outpatient-based laboratory was close to 26% less than the time spent in a hospital for the same surgery.
  5. Less Stress – The atmosphere at an outpatient-based laboratory is completely different than that of a hospital. Our outpatient-based laboratory has front door parking. The atmosphere is also quieter and less congested than traditional hospital settings.
  6. Easier Scheduling – Have you ever had an appointment moved or waited an exorbitant amount of time prior to a procedure? Outpatient surgery centers have better control over scheduling surgeries. We aren’t competing for operating room time with other surgeons. As a result, the number of procedures or surgeries we delay or reschedule will be much less than a hospital that may have to push an emergency room case ahead of another planned surgery.

All in all, the outpatient-based laboratory model allows us to put our patients first, which is so important in ensuring positive outcomes and an excellent patient experience. In most cases, the traditional surgery we provide in our outpatient-based laboratory is no different than that you would receive in the hospital, however the facility and structure allow us to deliver more benefits to you as you prepare, receive treatment and heal. It also affords us the opportunity to introduce new procedures that may be less invasive.

About Advanced Vascular & Vein Associates

Advanced Vascular & Vein Associates in Flowood, Mississippi, is the first outpatient-based laboratory in Central Mississippi. The practice, led by vascular surgeons Dr. Danon Garrido and Dr. Rishi Roy, is proud to provide life-changing, cutting-edge vascular care to a population and region that has not had easy access in the past. Services at Advanced Vascular & Vein Associates include highly effective minimally invasive treatments for peripheral artery disease (PAD), chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), varicose veins, carotid artery disease, arterial occlusion, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT or blood clot). Their diagnostic services are also available onsite for convenience.

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