Carotid Artery Disease


Learn more about the risk factors and treatments for carotid artery disease.

Carotid artery disease is a result of clogged blood vessels that are blocked by fatty deposits (plaques) from delivering blood to your brain and head. It’s a slow-developing disease that may not present any signs or symptoms and is usually pre-empted by a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). Stroke is the leading cause of death for Americans, but the risks of having a stroke vary by race and ethnicity. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • In 2020, 1 in 6 deaths from cardiovascular disease was due to stroke.
  • Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. Every 3.5 minutes, someone dies of a stroke.
  • Every year, more than 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke. About 610,000 of these are first or new strokes.2
  • About 87% of all strokes are ischemic strokes, in which blood flow to the brain is blocked.2
  • Stroke is a leading cause of serious long-term disability. Stroke reduces mobility in more than half of stroke survivors age 65 and older. [1]

Risk Factors for Carotid Artery Disease

Most risk factors for stroke, TIA, and developing carotid artery disease can be managed with lifestyle changes and medication. The following are indicators you may be at risk:

  • High blood pressure
  • Tobacco use
  • Diabetes
  • High blood-fat levels
  • Obesity
  • Sleep apnea
  • Lack of exercise

Stroke requires quick action because the longer a stroke goes untreated, the higher the risk of permanent disability and other major health problems. Talk to Drs. Garrido or Roy if you’ve experienced any symptoms and not sought treatment or need help making lifestyle changes so you can minimize your risk factors. At AVVA, we perform carotid endarectomies to  remove dangerous, vessel-narrowing plaque deposits from one of your carotid arteries as well as ultrasounds to diagnose and determine any underlying conditions. Even if you’ve already had a stroke related to carotid stenosis, a CEA procedure can cut your stroke risk by a third for the first three years following surgery.

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[1] Accessed, October 17, 2022.

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