Patients Reviews

So incredibly thankful to Dr Garrido. He was referred to us by one of the thoracic surgeons at UMMC for a procedure that we understood, few vascular surgeons are skilled enough to perform.  When we first met him, he was very kind and humble. He explained everything.  He even drew out a picture of the anatomy for us to explain what he was going to do! It was amazing to see that doctor's care enough to spend that much time. He saved my dad's life. I cant begin to say how grateful we are to him and to our surgeon at ummc for the referral! The wait time was a little long but well worth it. Thank you to Dr Garrido and AVVA team! 

Evelyn S.
Dr Garrido is an outstanding surgeon. I have a very complicated vascular history. I was seen by many surgeons in the past and pretty much after so many years of struggling with my disease, i was told that there was nothing left for anyone to do. I was referred to Dr Garrido by another surgeon. On our first encounter, he explained everything that was going on and what he would be able to offer. He has literally saved and changed my life since he operated on me. I will be forever and ever be grateful to him. Highly recommended.

Sharon D.